Wood Ducks 2

Wood Ducks

The wood duck is 17 to 20 inches long. Its tail is dark, long, and rectangular.

The wood duck is Iowa’s most widespread nesting duck.

It lives in swamps, around rivers, or around
ponds (with wooded areas).

This duck eats acorns, insects, corn, and seeds of buttonbush, hickories, and wild millet. The call of the female is a loud “wheee-e-e-k, whee-e-e-e-k,” and the male’s call is “twee,twee.” It may be seen sitting on a tree limb. When flying, it bobs its head up and down. While swimming, it floats high on the surface of the water. The wood duck will nest in a tree cavity, barn, chimney, or a constructed wood duck box.


Iowa Wildlife Federation