Round to pear shape, with or with-out stalk, most species white to yellow-brown.  Small, 1-3 inches.

Grow on the ground or downed logs in grass or woody areas.

Named puffball because clouds of brown dust-like spores are emitted when the mature fruit body bursts or is impacted. 

Puffballs are easy to recognize.  They are small fungi that produce spores inside the ball of tissue.  The spores will escape when the ball either ruptures or develops a small opening on top.

Puffball season is early summer through fall.  Dried specimens can be found year round.

If you find puffballs that are mature it is a lot of fun to tap them with your foot to release the puffs of spores!

puff 3
puff 2

Photos by Molly Hicks

Video:  Exploding puffballs in the rain

Exploding puffballs in the rain - YouTube