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Prairie Rose

This rose occurs in prairies, woodlands and fence lines.

The fruit called rose hips is a round red berry about a half of an inch wide.

Prairie rose can be identified by the pink flowers with about 5 petals.

Fragrance from these beauties is amazing when walking through the Prairie. These are also found at the Prairie Heritage Center.

1 to 4 flowers typically form at tips of new, ground shoots and occasionally at tips of second year lateral branches of older woody stems. Flowers are 1½ to 2 inches across with 5 broad, rounded petals with wavy edges often notched at the tip. The color can range from nearly pure white to deep rose pink and often strongly bi-colored. Numerous yellow stamens surround the shorter styles in the center. The sepals are narrow lance-like, ½ to just under 1 inch long, rounded at the base, the outer surface smooth. Flower stalks are smooth.