Poison Ivy

An itching and burning rash appears on people 12 to 24 hours after coming in contact with the oil. This means when your pet walks through poison ivy, their fur collects the plants oil which can transfer to your skin with petting the animal.

When coming in contact with poison ivy wash off the area with soap and water thoroughly. Also make sure to put clothes directly into the washer to avoid spreading the plants oil further.

Iowa has no poison oak or poison sumac.

This plant is identifiable by three waxy looking leaves about 2 to 5 inches long. If you were to cross your hands at the wrist, those are the two bottom leaves. For the middle leaf place both your hands on top of each other. Poison ivy can look like a shrub, a small plant or a vine crawling up a tree. The vine will be hairy, do not touch the hairs as they also have poison ivy oil on it.





Photos: ACES | Bruce Dupree