Ring-necked Pheasant

They are able escape predation in a pinch with the help of their strong breast muscles or white meat. 

Ring-necked pheasants are herbivores eating grasses, seeds, fruits, leaves and roots.

These birds can be found in grasslands, fields, and marshes. 

Courting for ring-necked pheasants consists of the male strutting around her. Once in a good position the male will drop the wing closest to her along with fanning out his tale. In this position the colors of the male are well since by the female. The male will mate with several females in a season. The female will have anywhere from 7-12 eggs and 1 or 2 broods.


Pheasant courting ritual




Top photo: Tom Koerner/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Bottom photo: Tom Koerner/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service