baltimore oriole


There are two orioles found in Iowa, the Baltimore and the orchard.

To attract orioles slice an orange in half or small amounts of jelly near trees.

The orchard oriole is the smallest of the orioles in North America.

Orchard orioles have a deep orange color on their stomach and chest whereas the Baltimore oriole has a bright orange color. You'll find them nesting in groups along the river.

Baltimore orioles are picky when it comes to their food, looking for only the ripest of fruits. Picking at the darkest cherries, raspberries and mulberries.

Baltimore males only get the orange bright color in the fall of their second year. On the other hand females get a deeper orange every molt, there's only a few older females that get as bright as the males.


Top photo (Baltimore Oriole): USFWS Midwest Region

Bottom photo (Orchard Oriole): U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service