Invasive Species-Brome Grass

Smooth brome is come invasive species found in the prairie. They were introduced from Europe, and are now used to reduce erosion and food for grazing animals.

Introduced from Europe and East Asia, honeysuckle can grow anywhere from 6 to 20 feet high. This plant is known for its sweet smell and pretty white flowers.

Garlic mustard was introduced in the 1800's from Eurasia. This plant is typically found in the forest, like its name suggests when the stem is cracked it smells of garlic. Garlic mustard is edible, a common recipe it is used for is garlic mustard pesto.

An invasive species outcompetes native species due to them not having natural predators in the area. The presences of these species decreases biodiversity and strongly alters ecosystems. Depending on the species they can have dramatic impacts on soil health, damaging the native plants nearby. Invasives get introduced in many different ways, for ornamental reasons, bottoms of shoes or on clothes.


Top photo: C (Flickr)