Great Horned Owl

Females can be up to 20% larger than their male counterparts.

Mating season for Great Horns are from February to March. These animals have specialized feathers (and a lot of them) that are able to keep them warm during these cold months.

Owl eyes do not move in their sockets, instead they must move their entire head in order to look around.

Known as the tiger of the sky because of its fierce hunting ability. Their feet can have up to 500 pounds per square inch which is more than 3 times the human average. The menu for this carnivore includes osprey, other owls, rabbits, mice, chipmunks, skunk and squirrels are a few on the list. Great horns do not mind the smell of a skunk, as they are unable to smell anything at all!


Great Horned Owl Defense Behavior 

Great Horned Owl Call

great horned owl

Top photo from: USFWS- Mountain Prairie

Bottom photo from: USFWS- Pacific Region