Great Blue Heron

Standing up to 4 and a half feet tall, these birds only weight about 5 or 6 pounds.

Using their bills like spears, they are able to catch fish, frogs, insects, small mammals and other birds. They are able to hunt both night and day due to the amount of rods in their eyes.

They can be found in both fresh and salt water areas.

Great Blue Herons are monogamous during mating season but choose new mates every year. Mating rituals include stick sharing and a dance. The dance includes puffing out chest feathers and touching bill tips. They will have anywhere from 2 to 6 eggs in a brood and 1 to 2 broods a year. The oldest known great blue heron was over 24 years old.


Top photo: Fouquier

Bottom photo: Andrew Hazen