Fox & Coyote

There are three different canines currently they are; the red fox, grey fox and coyote.

All three canines in Iowa are all omnivores eating both plants and animals.

Red foxes and coyotes are found in grasslands, fields, forests, urban areas and deserts. Grey foxes typically prefer forests.

Fox urine is very potent, it can be used around your gardens to repel rabbits or other small mammals.

Red foxes are very agile, able to reach speeds of over 30 miles per hour, and jumping over 6 feet high. They are also strong swimmers.

Coyotes, grey and red foxes are monogamous, choosing one mate for life. Coyotes will have 4 to 7 pups, red foxes will have 1 to 10 kits in a litter and grey foxes will have 4 to 6.

These animals make up to 12 different vocalizations including; growling, barks, and whines.


Red Fox


Top photo: Pixels

Bottom photo: Jitze Couperus