Honey Bees

You’ll find these invertebrates feeding on nectar and pollen.

The group name for honeybees is called a swarm or colony.

These bees can live up to five years!

Life cycle of bees:

First stage: Egg is laid in a hexagonal cell.

Second stage: Larva hatch out of the egg after three days. At this point the bee looks like a worm.

Third stage: The larvae make a cocoon and begin to pupate. During this period the bee gets its distinguishable features, wings, legs, thorax and abdomen.

Fourth stage: The fully formed bee will chew its way out of the cell.


This process can take anywhere from 18 to 24 days.

There are three different types of bees in the colony, all three play important roles in the hive.

The queen: To lay eggs! The queen is responsible for creating the hives for the next generation.

Worker bees: Responsible for finding pollen and nectar, building the hive and circulating air by beating their wings.

Drones: Males and they are needed to mate with the queen.