O'Brien County Conservation Board Rules & Regulations

Camping Rules and Regulations

O’Brien County Conservation Board 

SCOPE: By the authority granted to the O’Brien County Conservation Board by the laws of the State of Iowa Chapter 350.5 of the Code of Iowa, the following rules and regulations approved by the Board for the protection, regulation and control of all areas under Board jurisdiction.

Park Rules and Regulations 

  1. Prohibited Acts – It shall be unlawful for any person to destroy, injure, or deface plant life, trees, buildings, or other natural or material property, or to construct or operate for private or commercial purpose any structure, or to remove any plant life, trees, buildings, sand, gravel, ice, earth, stone, wood or other natural material, or to operate vehicles, within the boundaries of any park, preserve, or stream or any other lands or waters under the jurisdiction of the conservation board for any purpose whatsoever, except upon the terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions as set forth by the conservation board. [ADOPTED FROM IA. CODE 461A.35, 461A.41] 
  2. Speed Limit – The maximum speed limit of all vehicles on park and preserve roads shall be 15 miles per hour unless otherwise posted. [IA. CODE 461A.36] 
  3. Motor Vehicles – All driving shall be confined to designated roadways. All vehicles shall be parked in designated parking areas, and no vehicle shall be left unattended on park roads, except in the case of an emergency.  All motor vehicles must be operated by licensed persons.  [ADOPTED FROM IA. CODE 461A.36, 461A.38] 
  4. Domestic Animals – No privately owned animal shall be allowed to run at large in any county park or preserve area under the jurisdiction of the Conservation Board. Such animals shall be carried, led by a leash not exceeding six feet in length, or kept confined in or attached to a vehicle.(this rule does not apply to natural resource areas where hunting is allowed)  No animal shall be tied to any tree or shrub, or in such a manner as to cause injury to public property.  No pets are allowed on the beach areas at Mill Creek, Dog Creek, or Douma Parks. [ADOPTED FROM IA. CODE 461A.39, 461A.45] 
  5. Horses – Horses must be confined to roadways or designated areas. They are specifically not allowed in any picnic, play, beach, or camping area.  No animal shall be tied to any tree or shrub, or in such a manner as to cause injury to public property.  [ADOPTED FROM IA. CODE 461A.39] 
  6. Littering – No person shall place, throw, discard, or cause to be discarded any waste, refuse, litter, cans, bottles, broken glass, or other foreign substance in any portion of a county park, preserve, or recreational area, or receptacle except those provided for that purpose. No waste, refuse, or garbage shall be transported into a county park, preserve, or recreation area for the purpose of disposing of it.  [ADOPTED FROM IA. CODE 461A.43] 
  7. Fires – No fires shall be built, except in a place provided therefore, and such fire shall be extinguished when site is vacated unless it is immediately used by some other party. [IA. CODE 461A.40] 
  8. Firearms – The use by the public of firearms, explosives, and weapons of all kinds (includes, but not limited to, air rifles, slingshots, and gas-operated pellet guns) is prohibited in all county parks and preserves, except in controlled areas designated as hunting areas, rifle ranges, trap shoots, and similar areas. However, any person may use a bow and arrow with attached bow fishing reel and ninety-pound minimum line attached to the arrow to take rough fish under rules and regulations prescribed by the Iowa DNR.  [ADOPTED FROM IA. CODE 461A.42] 
  9. Fireworks – The use by the public of fireworks and explosives is prohibited in county parks, preserves, and recreation areas. [ADOPTED FROM IA. CODE 461A.42] 
  10. Disorderly Conduct – No person shall use threatening, abusive, insulting, profane, or indecent language, or interfere with the use and enjoyment of the parks by others, or be guilty of any other act that constitutes disorderly conduct under Chapter 723 of the Code of Iowa, or an assault under Chapter 708 of the Code of Iowa. 
  11. Swimming and Boating – No swimming is allowed except in designated areas. No swimming is allowed in swimming areas between sunset and sunrise. No boating or fishing is permitted in swimming areas.  Only electric trolling motors are allowed on boats.  [ADOPTED FROM IA. CODE 350.5] 
  12. Camping & Rentals – Campers must register upon arrival. Campsite registration must be in the name of a person 18 years of age or older who will occupy the camping unit on that site for the full term of the registration. Maximum length of stay is 14 days unless staying in a designated long term site with signed lease agreement.   Camping is allowed in designated areas only.  Park Officers are authorized to refuse camping/rental privileges and to rescind any and all camping permits/reservations for cause.  [ADOPTED FROM IA. CODE 461A.48, 461A.49, 461A.50, 461A.51] 
  13. Park Closing Time – All persons except registered campers or those with special permission shall vacate the park between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. All registered campers and cabin users shall remain in their respected areas and remain quiet between the hours of 10:30p.m. and 6:00 a.m. [ADOPTED FROM IA. CODE 461A.46] 
  14. Alcoholic Beverage – Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic liquor and wine is prohibited in county parks, preserves, and recreation areas. Containers of beer, including keg beer, larger than one gallon in size are prohibited, except by special permission.  Possession and/or consumption of beer on the beach areas (as posted) at Mill Creek Park, Dog Creek Park, and Douma Park are prohibited.  Consumption of beer in the parking areas of any county park is prohibited.  [ADOPTED FROM IA. CODE 123.46(2), 350.5, 461A.44] 
  15. Special restriction – Items such as bounce houses, sprinklers, splash pads, slip and slides and swimming pools are prohibited on any property under the jurisdiction of the conservation board. 
  16. Statutes Applicable – Sections 461A.35 through 461A.57 apply to all lands and waters under the control of a county conservation board, in the same manner as if the lands and waters were state parks, lands, or waters. As used in sections 461A.35 through 461A.57, “natural resource commission” includes a county conservation board, and “director” includes a county conservation board or its director, with respect to lands or waters under the control of a county conservation board. However, sections 461A.35 through 461A.57 may be modified or superseded by regulations adopted as provided in section 350.5. [ADOPTED FROM IA. CODE 350.10] 
  17. Special Rules – May be posted in addition to the above. [IA. CODE 350.5, 350.10] 
  18. Violations and Penalties – Any person violating any of these rules is guilty of a simple misdemeanor. [IA. CODE 461A.57] 


Campground Rules

  1. No more than two tents or one camper unit and one tent per site.
  2. Site must be paid for and registration tag placed on site's post within 30 minutes of arrival.
  3. The site must be occupied by one of the following: a tent staked down in at least four corners, a camping unit, or a registered vehicle.
  4. Children under the age of 18 may tent on grass near parent's camping unit.
  5. Visitors should park in designated areas and leave by 10:30pm.
  6. Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 6:30am each day.
  7. Check out time is 5:00pm.
  8. 14 day stay limit.
  9. Camping in designated sites only.
  10. All garbage needs to be bagged and taken to the dumpster on the east side of the campground.
  11. For emergencies call 911

Seasonal Site Lease Agreement

  1. Accessibility Park roads are available only to set and to exit camping units and for needed repairs to units.  Parking in designated areas only.  Decks and storage units are not allowed.
  2. Utilities The Landlord will be responsible for water, sewer (if applicable), and electrical usage.  Garbage dumpsters are available in the campground for disposal use.
  3. Maintenance The Landlord shall always maintain the site in good repair.   The Landlord shall, at the Landlord’s expense, maintain the site in a safe and habitable condition and comply with all laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to the condition of the site.  Mowing will be done as needed, weather permitting.  Staff will not move objects or possessions to mow.   (Please have picnic table on pad.) Tenant shall maintain the premises in a reasonable safe, serviceable, clean, and presentable condition, except as provided by Landlord in paragraph (a).
  4. Defaults The tenant will be in default if the tenant does not fulfill any obligations or terms of this Lease by which the Tenant is bound.   All rules and regulations of the O’Brien County Conservation Board apply to the Tenant.  Eviction could apply if continued abuse happens.  All fees will be forfeited.
  5. Assignment and Subletting   No assignment or subletting, either voluntary or by operation of law, shall be effective without the prior written consent of Landlord.
  6. Liability Landlord assumes no liability for loss or damage to the property of the tenant caused by negligence, reckless or intentionally caused by tenant, agents, or invitees of the tenant or third parties not associated with the Landlord.
  7. Surrender Upon termination of this lease, Tenant will surrender the premises to Landlord in good and clean condition, except for ordinary wear and tear or damage without fault or liability to Tenant.  Failure to surrender and upon three-day notice to quit and surrender, Landlord may remove Tenant’s property at the cost to Tenant.
  8. General Provisions Governing Law: The laws of the state of Iowa govern this lease. Entire Lease:  This lease contains the final agreement of the parties. Amendment:  No amendments to this Lease will be effective unless it is in writing and signed by both parties. Headings:  The descriptive headings of the sections and subsections of this lease are for convenience only, and do not affect this Lease’s construction or interpretation. 

Rental Contract Agreement 

By your agreement with these terms and conditions, you represent that you are 21 years or older, you will be present during your stay and that you are authorized to make this reservation on behalf of the group you have listed. You agree to assume full financial responsibility for the acts, negligence or omissions of the member of your group while utilizing said facilities. Additionally, you agree that you have read and understand the cancellation and refund policies concerning this reservation and have also read and understand the cabin rental rules and information.  

You are reserving a facility from the O’Brien County Conservation Board. All county park rules and state laws are enforced. Park Rules and regulations are posted. Park Officers are authorized to refuse rental privileges and to rescind any and all reservations for cause. Board may take legal action necessary for non-compliance of any rules and regulations or to recover damages to county property. Contact the O’Brien County Conservation Board Office at 712-295-7200 or occb@obriencounty.iowa.gov if you have any questions about park rules, policies or special requests. 

Reservations can be made 2 years in advance.  

Maximum stay is 14 consecutive nights.  

O’Brien County Conservation reserves the right to enter any cabin or bin at any time in case of emergency, maintenance, non-compliant rental issues or security problems.  

Refund Policy 

All reservations with O’Brien County Conservation Board facilities are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE. If the O’Brien County Conservation Board is unable to provide facility in operable condition for the date of your event or National Weather Service advise no travel a full refund minus fees will be issued. 

Cancellation Policy 

Should you chose to cancel a reservation, you will forfeit 100% of all fees paid. You may call the Board Office up to 14 days before the reservation and request a date change, one time, with a new reservation in the same calendar year.  

Check-In Time: 2:00pm  

Check-Out Time: 11:00am 

Cabin Access 

The door is equipped with a keyless entry pad. The park ranger will activate the facility with the code that was selected at the reservation time. It is your responsibility to ensure the door and windows are shut and locked upon your departure. Parking is available at the cabins with extra space in the parking lots.   

Clean up 

Please leave the facility in the same condition as when you arrived. All trash needs to be taken out. A quick cleaning list is provided inside of the rental.  


The rentals 12W, 6W, Sky View and Corn Bin are considered pet friendly, persons with severe allergies should be aware that pets are allowed inside the rentals. An additional pet fee of $25 per pet/per night will be paid when making your reservation. All pet waste must be bagged and trashed. Pets cannot be left loose and or unattended inside or outside of the cabin. Up to two dogs are allowed and “pet” is defined as a dog.  

Rental Fee 

All cabin or bin rental fees are per night plus 5% excise tax. There is a two night minimum stay for all reservations. All fees are due at time of reservation request.   


No Keg beer allowed in the cabins (or in the park). 

No smoking in the rentals. 

No tents or other camping units will be allowed at the rental sites. 

Non-registered guests must leave the rental (and the park) by 10:30pm. 

All other posted park rules and regulations apply while using O’Brien County Conservation Facilities.