Crosbie Wildlife and Nature Youth Center 

160 acres leased from the Crosbie family

The Crosbie Wildlife and Nature Youth Center was established to educate young people on environmental biology, ethics of soil, plant and wildlife use, and preservation. Youth Center programs will provide experiences for youth in soils, native prairie habitat, insect pollinator ecosystems, waterfowl, upland game birds, deer and other wildlife, the harvest, processing, and cooking of wild game, and the general appreciation of nature. Goals of the project include:

  • To promote the highest ethical standards in hunting
  • To give our youth an initial, positive, safe, educational, mentored hunting experience
  • To instill in youth basic understanding of practical conservation measures
  • To encourage wildlife habitat access, enhancement and management
  • To learn how to hunt safely, legally and ethically
  • To learn about proper game care management
  • To appreciate nature first hand
  • To spend quality time with family and friends

This project has been undertaken by the O'Brien County Conservation Board and the Crosbie family in memory of Calvin and Ted Crosbie and other Crosbie family members who came from a loving family that enjoyed spending time outdoors. Here you will find deer, wild turkey, pheasant, waterfowl and other small game. No trapping is allowed without specific permission.

Please see the following link for more on the rules & regulations associated with using the youth hunting area:   Crosbie Brochure

Read more about the project in the following article:

The Youth Hunt is organized each October with support from the O'Brien County Sportsman's Club and O'Brien County Conservation Board. Check back in September for more details about how to sign up and participate in the free event. Open to youth ages 12-15.