McCormack Area will be Open to Equestrian Use beginning in May

The O’Brien County Conservation Board is pleased to announce that the McCormack Area will be open to horseback riding beginning May 17, 2021.  At the last regular meeting of the O’Brien County Conservation Board, horseback riding was named a designated use for that area.

Here are the rules for riding:

  1.  Riding is allowed from the day after the last day of turkey season to the day before youth deer season
  2. Riding is allowed from sunrise to sunset
  3. No riding until at least 24 hours after a rain
  4. Please register before riding

We would like to extend a special thank you to Jolene Hultgren, President of the Western Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Iowa, for all of her fantastic help and guidance in the development of bridle trails.  Jolene has also submitted a grant that could help provide for funds to install directional trail signage and an information kiosk.

Click here to read Jolene’s letter of support for the project:  Letter of Support for McCormack from Jolene Hultgren