Moon Adventure Game

Join us at the Prairie Heritage Center on Saturday, January 23rd for an interactive, hands-on collaborative game built for families or groups ages 7-adult about living and working on the Moon.

The Moon Adventure Game, from the NISE Network, is a fictional story grounded in actual NASA science and research about what people in the future may need to work and live on the Moon. Players in the Moon Adventure Game will assume the role of astronauts that are living and doing research on an outpost base on the Moon. Together, players will work through a series of challenges due to a moonquake that has created some major issues. Players will quickly need to work together to solve the issues and restore systems that allow them to survive. Are you and your family ready to conquer the Moon Adventure Game?!

Families or groups will need to reserve a time on January 23rd from 1:00-5:00 p.m. Game play is approximately 30 minutes long per group. We will have time in-between groups to clean all materials. Masks will be required for all participants. Group size is no more than 6 players.



Call: 712-295-7200