Douma Park Renovations Complete!

The long-awaited opening of Douma Park has finally arrived!  The park rangers and contractors have done an amazing job on the upgrade.  Visitors will hardly believe that it is the same park!

The shower facility is an outstanding addition to the park.  This amenity alone will transform the park into a modern, attractive location.  Be sure to check out the registration station located under the awning between the front doors for your camping envelopes and other information.

Spacious campsites have replaced the previous tightly-packed rows.  New fire rings and picnic tables add to the crisp look.  The larger campsite sizes will accommodate modern RVs and provide some needed space for recreation.  Cement camping pads with patios are an added bonus.









Sidewalks have been poured.  Grass has been planted.  The park is looking great!  The campground is open and campsites with full hookups (water, sewer & electric) are available for $15.00 per night.

Come out for the afternoon or stay the night – we look forward to seeing you at Douma Park this summer!