2020 Winter Library Series

Mark the dates for the Winter Library Series!  The Conservation Board is pleased to partner with local libraries to offer programming close to your home.  During the months of January, February, and March, the naturalist will be presenting programs in each of the county libraries.

JANUARY – Who’s Who?

Start the year with a light-hearted look at animal adaptations.  What makes an animal excellent at living in certain conditions?  Can you recognize an animal by its teeth, tongue, or tail?  How about guessing who is who by the size of its shoe – or in this case its feet?  Have some fun with this interactive program that is sure to keep you guessing.

FEBRUARY – Trials and Triumphs

What happened to the birds so great in numbers that they darkened the sky?  Where are the clams that once covered the bottoms of our streams?  Would you believe that you can find them at the end of a fly fishing rod and in the middle of your coat?  This program will feature some stories of destruction but will end on a high note of encouragement.  It features literary works such as “The Feather Thief” by Kirk Wallace Johnson and “From the Bottom Up” by Chad Pregracke.

MARCH – Think Like a Scientist

Twist you viewpoint on observation.  “Why…?”  It is the question we hear on a regular basis from children.  This program opens the door to think about “why,” “how” and all of the other questions we have.  Get ready to be amazed by some small things that occur all around us.  Find out how things scientists learn impact our lives.

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