Snowshoe Making Workshop

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift for yourself…or someone else?  The Conservation Board is again offering the opportunity to hand craft beautiful showshoes.  Several different styles will be offered including the traditional wood frames as well as the modern aluminum version.

Few experiences can compare to stomping across freshly fallen snow on a pair of snowshoes.  This activity is an excellent way to relax and get exercise at the same time!  Hiking across the snow takes on a new meaning when you construct your own handmade pair of snowshoes!  The Conservation Board is holding a snowshoe making class on Saturday, December 1 beginning at 1:00 p.m. at the Prairie Heritage Center.

Three “Expedition” style showshoes will be available to make.  These include frames made out of white ash, nylon lacings and bindings.  The styles available or Ojibway, Huron and Bearpaw.  Each type has an advantage in different conditions, but all produce an exceptional quality product.  The material cost for any of these three styles is $170.

The new “Urban” style snowshoe has undergone four years of research and development & field testing.  The frames are made of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum.  The traditional lacing patterns are completed with nylon “TechDeck” materials and ratchet-style bindings are included.  Three sizes are available depending on user body weight.  The material cost for the Urban snowshoes is $95.

When completed, you will only need to varnish your showshoes annually to keep them in shape for a lifetime.  The investment of time and money in the process produces a product that is a source of pride as well as a long-time use.

The snowshoe kits will need to be ordered by November 15.  Please call 712-295-7200 for more information or to reserve your spot in the class.