Dog Creek Fish Renovation

A8DCDog Creek Lake is undergoing the next phase of the fish renovation project. Last fall the fish were removed. Early this spring finger-sized blue gills were released into the lake. These little fish had several weeks to grow. Late in May, mid-range sized bass were netted from other local lakes and moved into Dog Creek. These bass were successful in spawning this summer as fry have been seen along the shore. Later this fall, catfish will be released into the lake. These core species will grow and become the base of the fisheries population.

It will take approximately 3-5 years before catchable sized fish are available in the lake. Patience in the process will prove valuable. Take a look at the success of other projects such as the fish renovation at Mill Creek Park. Within five years, the fish population at Mill Creek responded well to a similar system of management. The fishing at Mill Creek has been great this spring and summer