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Spring Turkey Season

2017 Spring Turkey Seasons Youth (Gun/Bow): Apr 8 – 16 Season 1 (Gun/Bow): Apr 17 – 20 Season 2 (Gun/Bow): Apr 21 – 25 Season 3 (Gun/Bow): Apr 26 – May 2 Season 4 (Gun/Bow): May 3 – 21 Resident Archery: Apr 17 – May 21 Hunters may purchase up to two spring turkey tags — at least one of the two tags must be for the fourth season (May 3-21).

Thrivent Financial

We are pleased to announce that the Little Sioux Valley Conservation Association is part of Thrivent Financial’s Thrivent Choice program. We are new to this program and have already benefitted by nearly $500 through the generosity of Thrivent members. By directing Choice Dollars, eligible Thrivent members can recommend which nonprofit organizations they feel should receive charitable funding through Thrivent. If you have Choice Dollars available to direct, please consider directing to the Little Sioux Valley Conservation Association. The funds that

Floating Island at Mill Creek Park

Soon you will be seeing a floating island near the newest fishing jetty at the southwest corner of Mill Creek Lake.  The island will aid fish habitat by providing an area for smaller fish to congregate in the shade and root mass under the island.  This will bring larger predatory fish such as bass close to the island and also close the fishing jetty.

Bison Stampede Results

Bison Stampede Results: M – Under 13 Jasper Johnson 51:38 Dante Johnson 37:34 Hudson Oolman 33:39* M – 14-19 Tate Johnson 51.48 Caleb Rock 26:10 Lincoln Rock 25:11* M – 20-29 DJ McDonald 23.38 Mark Saunders 22:01 Andrew Lichter 20:56** M – 40-49 Darin Johnson 51:48 John Sells 38:48 Ryan Berg 24:03 John Rock 23:51 Anthony Peters 21:32* M – 50-59 Dave Stoll 48:28* M – Over 60 Leroy Liske 31:38* F – Under 13 Molly Hicks 30:42* F –

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